Cardiac Interventions: Love Your Heart With Heart Rehab

Cardiac Interventions: Love Your Heart With Heart Rehab

Improving Your Health With Cardiac Rehab

After a patient experiences a heart disease, one wants to re-live life positively without risking any heart issues. Cardiac rehabilitation or rehab is a supervised program that improves one’s heart health after an experienced heart ailment. This heart rehab is performed after medical or surgical treatment of the heart. Cardiac rehab makes one’s heart stronger, mitigates the risk of future heart problems, and improves one’s quality of life.


Knowing the elements

Cardiac rehab starts before the patient leaves the hospital and continues after getting discharged. After discharge, the patient will go to doctor appointments for some time and eventually, do the exercises without medical supervision. The heart rehab program comprises cardiac health education, physical activity, counseling, and emotional support. The healthcare providers will educate patients on healthy eating, and cardiac risk factors, and instruct how to take prescribed medications. All these elements are imperative to having a consistent good heart, allowing one to live longer and healthier.

Do I need cardiac rehab?

A cardiac specialist will decide the requirement for heart rehab. However, rehab is needed for heart disorders such as heart attack, heart failure, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, and stable angina. After treatments such as heart surgery, heart valve surgery, or a heart-lung transplant, doctors may recommend cardiac rehab. Research has shown that this intervention has helped many patients regardless of gender, age, and the severity of heart problems. However, the rehab program is less likely to be initiated or completed by older adults and women.

Enhancing your overall health

Adding cardiac rehab to a patient’s treatment will result in lots of benefits to one’s heart. This cardiac intervention not only ameliorates the strength and symptoms of the heart but also improves other areas. For example, a patient’s stress level diminishes and mood gets better with less risk of facing mental health issues. Moreover, with heart rehab, energy is augmented, and incorporating a healthier daily routine becomes a habit. Last but not least, a person’s risk of developing another heart problem lessens.

Looking at the efficiency of the intervention

A heart rehab program is usually carried out for 3 months. Multiple studies have found many positive outcomes after using the intervention. Researchers found that heart attack risk, cardiovascular death risk, and stroke risk diminished by 30%, 58%, and 60%, respectively. Even mental health improved, with depression symptoms reduced by 63%.

Love your heart and life

Experiencing a heart problem can be saddening and lots of thoughts go through one’s mind at that time. Life longevity is always a common thought in a person’s mind after such an incident. The good news is that doctors help patients cope with this situation and recommend interventions such as heart rehab. This cardiac intervention allows one to keep the heart healthy, love one’s heart and life, and live longer.

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