Why Is My Wound Not Healing? How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy May Help

Why Is My Wound Not Healing? How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy May Help

The Healing Power Of Oxygen

A wound is a break of the skin, often causing bleeding and damaging underlying tissues. Wounds occur for different reasons and are of different sizes. Most are due to accidents, falls, crush injuries, and burns. Some are intentional, like an incision made to perform surgery, while others are due to medical problems, like ulcers. Regardless of the cause, wounds need treatment and time to heal. However, there are times when wounds fail to heal or take an extended period to do so. This situation can lead to more severe health problems, including death, if the injury site is left untreated. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an innovative approach to healing stubborn wounds, relying on the power of oxygen to promote recovery.


Why won’t my wound heal?

After an injury causes a wound, the body goes through a series of stages to close the gap and restore damaged tissue. The size of the injury and the reason for the wound will determine the healing timeline. Yet, some reasons completely restrict this natural process. For instance, a severe crush or burn injury limits the blood vessels and tissue necessary to start the healing process. Multiple surgeries and other therapies may not be enough for complete healing. Poor blood flow can also present a problem for wounds occurring in diabetes patients or those with peripheral artery disease. In addition, some wounds become infected to the point where healing is challenging. Other reasons for delayed healing include certain medications, repeat trauma, bad nutrition, or poor wound care practices.

Unhealed risks

After a wound occurs, the goal is to heal quickly. Healing time will depend on the type and size of the wound. However, if the damage fails to heal, this can lead to severe consequences. Open wounds can lead to repeated infections, chronic pain, and discomfort. In some cases, amputation of the affected limb may be required, impacting the quality of life. Repeated infections and treatment can extend the time, expense, and effort needed to heal.

HBOT may be the answer

When a wound doesn’t heal naturally, patients may look to other treatment options to help. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may heal wounds even when conventional treatment options fail. HBOT places the patient in a room with 100% pressurized oxygen. Over a 30-minute session, the chamber increases the oxygen concentration in the blood to 100%. This process enhances the body’s healing process by creating more stem cells and blood vessels and improving blood flow to the wound. HBOT also increases collagen production, reduces inflammation, and leads to faster healing. Studies show that HBOT can improve post-operative wound healing. The therapy also helps in the complete healing of diabetic ulcers, restricting the need for amputation.

Get your wound under control

Serious wounds can be painful and frustrating during the healing process. If the injury fails to heal, the wound can become life-threatening. When natural healing abilities aren’t enough, oxygen may help. Over several sessions, HBOT accelerates healing by improving the concentration of oxygen in the blood. If an unhealed wound is causing concern, speak with a doctor to see if HBOT is a good idea.

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